How to grow your tax preparation business

If you’re a tax professional, April is one of your busiest months. According to the IRS, roughly 60% of taxpayers paid for professional help last year. This means that your clients will be on the phone and at your office non-stop until the deadline is reached. However after the buzz of tax season dies down, how do you make sure your business stays top-of-mind with existing and potential clients year round?

You can give excellent advice on managing tax liability and preparing impeccable tax returns but when it comes to promoting your business you could use a hand. Here are some marketing suggestions to help you grow and diversify your practice this year:

Send out a newsletter
Send an informative newsletter every month to all your contacts. Make sure your newsletter includes timely advice for readers. For example, focus on tips related to Christmas bonuses and holiday expenses in December. If you operate in a small community make sure to include information about local events and triumphs in addition to tax advice.

If you are just starting to build your practice, consider buying a client list of local businesses and include a coupon offering a free consultation. If you are using the mail, you can also send out a small promotional gift such as an imprinted pen or imprinted sticky note pad for a memorable touch.

Give back to the community
Volunteering for a food drive, sponsoring the little league team or organizing an event for your favorite charity are all ways of giving back. When people get to know you as an active member of their community they are more likely to trust you with their business.

Create a referral program
Referral programs take time but produce surprisingly positive results. Offer existing clients money off your services or attractive gifts for every new client they refer to you. Depending on the type of clients you cater to, gift options can range from gift cards to promotional drinkware and promotional apparel.

Become an industry expert
There are many ways of achieving this goal. You can teach a class at the local college or adult night school. You can be a guest speaker for the local chamber of commerce, give an interview about tax related subjects to local radio and TV shows, or even create your own podcast. These type of activities will build your reputation as an expert and give exposure to your practice.

Remember that it’s never too early to start. Don’t wait until tax season has arrived to advertise your services. You want potential clients to have you in their minds before their tax needs arise. Whether it be emails, flyers, professional conferences or appreciation gifts, promoting your business is key to guaranteeing profitability throughout the year.

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