Marketing Moments: Juan Delacruz from Century 21 My Real Estate

When it comes to finding a home in Downey, CA, Juan Delacruz from Century 21 My Real Estate is an expert. He’s also an excellent example of the savvy business marketing we recommend to our customers. By creating a strong visual presence and handing out useful items, Juan was a favorite at the event held at the local Chase Bank. The pictures he sent look great and the imprinted promotional products from Myron he gave out were a hit!


Juan worked closely with his account manager, Ayesha, making sure everything was perfect and was delighted with the results. “Thank You for all of your help every time I reach out to you! As you can tell all of my marketing material is from Myron Business Gifts which not only made my success a great one but every single Chase customer loved it!”

Myron is very proud to have been a part of Juan’s success story.

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