Thanksgiving presents innumerable opportunities to give away promotional products

Few holidays create as many warm feelings in Americans as Thanksgiving does. Despite their warmth and comfort, days such as Halloween and Christmas often have stressful and demanding counterparts that can detract from the fun and enjoyment of their respective festivities. Not so with Thanksgiving, which in some ways can be said to possess all the trappings of superior celebrations without any of the confusion and strain.

Consequently, Thanksgiving is perfect for beginning a promotional push to thank customers for all of their loyalty and business throughout the rest of the year. Objects that are given to customers as “thank you” gifts in observance of this important feast will be fondly remembered and, more importantly, can have an impact on people’s friends and families. This is especially true for items that are particularly useful around the last Thursday in November. Consider the following tools for use in “thank you” promotions this Thanksgiving.

Glassware and bar sets
Besides the traditional dishes of turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, many families use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to safely and calmly imbibe some amount of alcohol. However, even within a familial unit, tastes can diverge wildly and will require a number of different spirits to complement the food being served. As a result, any home bartender worth her salt will be sure to include a variety of glasses, including pilsners for beer, snifters for cognac, fluted glasses for champagne, highballs for cocktails and mugs for Irish coffee.

Promotional glassware is phenomenally useful beginning around Thanksgiving and can even gain a second lease on life shortly afterward when Christmas rolls around. The same is true for bar sets, which can transform the most inexperienced bartender into an expert mixologist thanks to the inclusion of branded mixers, strainers, corkscrews and stirrers.

Thanksgiving is special because it symbolizes the thankfulness that people feel for all the fortunate aspects of their lives. This is especially true for people who have comfortable homes and large and loving families. However, being truly thankful for these things actually requires allowing them to share space. Inviting a large number of people into your home puts its cleanliness at risk, so any tool that is helpful for maintaining some semblance of order will be much appreciated.

Companies can thank customers or valued clients with promotional coasters to help them maintain order in their houses and apartments during the holiday season, as well as to spread the word about a brand, product or service.

Napkin rings
Not many people go out to eat on Thanksgiving, mostly because part of its charm is the fact that people join together with one another for private family dinners. However, that doesn’t mean that the trappings of a restaurant aren’t appreciated. In fact, making one’s home into an elegant eatery plays a large part in the fun and coziness of the holiday. Branded and promotional napkin rings add to the elegance and enjoyment of Thanksgiving and will be well-loved additions to a family’s repertoire of decor tools.

Luggage tags
Some families will remain in a tight-knit perimeter around a city or town and rarely leave the zones that their lives have led them to inhabit. Others move far away for work, love or pleasure. Either way, most families await the return of at least one member from afar. Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful affair, especially because everyone else is doing the same thing. As a result, any tool that is useful for navigating airports, train stations and bus terminals will come as a welcome thanks to customers. Luggage tags are a nice way to thank customers and clients, who will be grateful that someone has offered assistance in their efforts to rejoin their family for the holidays.

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