A seasonal small business marketing tip – keep websites updated

Companies in a number of different industries, but especially retail, are girding themselves for the oncoming onslaught of additional customers. The holiday season is just about to gear up, meaning that companies need to be able to properly funnel consumers toward them for maximum profit. Missing out on the influx of money and people that the end of the year consistently provides would be a grave mistake.

In this modern commercial atmosphere of websites, digital media and high technology, businesses need to be prepared to adopt modern methods of getting customers’ attention and keeping it if they wish to turn the massive profits that they hope to this year. Consider the following tips and carefully implement them to avoid having one’s online presence become a Yuletide graveyard.

Calendars and events
People are ridiculously busy around the holidays. In general, retailers’ workload will increase simply because it is a time of bustling economic activity. Additionally, consumers with families will be out trying to buy gifts, prepare for dinners and generally keep the holiday spirit flowing. This is all on top of company parties and holiday get-togethers, which can try the patience of anybody.

Consequently, when companies run promotions and hold events of their own, they need to make sure that customers are aware of them. Calendars should take front and center stage on company websites during the holidays so that customers have no excuse not to know about sales and giveaways.

Most stores and offices put up Christmas decorations, so why shouldn’t they do the same for a website? Consumers can’t help but feel festive around the holidays or have their spirits lifted by red, green, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees and other seasonal trappings. Getting a website done up in Yuletide fashion is a great way to show people that an organization is feeling as warm and happy about the time of year as they are.

The odds are good that harried shoppers are going to be checking websites and online resources fairly frequently, given how many gifts and decorations they need to buy. Consequently, they’ll hopefully spend a lot of time looking at the same pages, which can get boring. Be sure not to alter one’s online layout too much, lest consumers become too confused to use it. However, updating frequently with stories, pictures or moderately different landing pages can help to improve the appearance and experience of a website.

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