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Promotional shopping totes take on added importance around Halloween

Throughout the course of the year, some of the most useful promotional products that a company can use to raise awareness of its brand among consumers is the promotional shopping tote. This device makes going to the grocery store much easier and allows people to share their love for the environment by not using traditional paper or plastic bags.

However, Halloween brings with it another occasion during which promotional totes gain importance. Kids go trick-or-treating on October 31 in search of as much candy as their costumes can elicit and their little hands can hold. While there are other options available, a promotional tote might just be the best choice. Large, strong and appropriately branded, these tools will be much welcomed by kids and the parents who escort them from house to house.

What’s more, once Halloween is over and loot has been deployed to a bowl or bag elsewhere, a shopping tote can return to service as a device for Mom and Dad to use at the grocery store. During autumn, it will be noticed by other parents who take their children trick-or-treating as well as fellow shoppers, spreading the word about a company and its brand, products and services.

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