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Building brand awareness through promotions

Promotional items don’t need to be bulky to draw attention to a company. In fact, logo tote bags are as functional and practical as they are visible, so a stylish but cheap bag can make a big impression on the general public.

A warehouse of bag-holders

Convention events are notorious for handing out and selling logo tote bags to improve visibility and give attendees something to remember the event by. They’re also handy for promoting brand awareness, and while a convention or event can be considered a brand in its own right sometimes, any company will want to cash in on this notable subversive advertising technique.

Logo tote bag providers know how useful these products are. A recent press release from an industry authority on PRWeb discussed the effectiveness of these promotions in getting consumers to literally do the legwork of street advertising. The fact that such high visibility can potentially be garnered for each bag handed out makes them one of the lowest cost-per-impression giveaway available, and the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) agrees.

Feminism is powerful

The ASI recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of different promotional items and found that, especially for women, bags were more than 25 percent effective in spreading brand awareness and are a preferred giveaway for promotional purposes. The study also showed that the U.S. has the most consumer encounters with business tote bags than other nations like Canada and Australia.

This is important to businesses when considering the kinds of promotional items to invest in and how they should be distributed. It stands to reason that a logo tote bag would get more use and visibility on a woman’s arm, so companies focused on products for women will receive greater exposure from advertising with this type of promo item. An innovative business will be able to see the effectiveness of providing these bags to men as well – especially for companies that sell complex tools or storage items, a bag will draw a logical association for a consumer when faced with an investment decision in these areas.

Looking at the big picture

For these reasons and more, companies should look at logo tote bags as a good way of getting high visibility and incurring low overhead. Making the promotional item relevant to the business mission will help consumers associate a fun and functional logo bag with future decisions on where to shop.

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