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 If you want to leave a bit of your company with clients or hand out something to potential customers, promotional items can make a big impact.

Mail service gets direct with promotions

If your company focuses on distribution of products or services, your company is already in the business of being seen by the public on a regular basis. If you want to leave a bit of your company with clients or hand out something to potential customers, promotional items can make a big impact.

Directed advertising and promotion

Ballatine Corporation of New Jersey, an industry leader when it comes to direct mailing services, got the idea to insert promotional magnets right into its advertising materials. Along with other small, practical items that consumers will be likely to make regular use of, these sort of promotional items will have a bigger impact on people because they will see them on a regular basis and associate them with usefulness and other positive emotions.

If a person needs a quick, handy way of hanging a schedule on a blackboard, your company’s magnet will be there to hold it in place and every time that individual looks at what’s ahead, they will see your business’ name at least subconsciously.

Other consumers may want to display a child’s art on the fridge, and a promotional magnet will not only help make the perfect easel, if will also reinforce positive memories with parents and children alike.

Keep it simple

Handing out promotional items like customizable magnets may seem simple enough, but sometimes a company can get caught up in the available options and lose sight of the action aim of these items – building a customer base to increase revenue. If your company’s giveaway expense isn’t totally offset by new business, it may be time to consider what advertising strategy you employ with these valuable tools.

A FedEx Office survey found that consumers were strongly affected by signage in the decision whether to shop at or make a corresponding purchase at a new store. If a promotional magnet is equally unappealing, a business may lose a new customer before there’s even a change to show off products and services simply based on what a person sees on a magnet.

One marketing industry leader recently said in a blog post that simplicity in promotional items not only saved money for companies but also were easier for consumers to remember. A loyal customer will probably already be familiar with your logo or slogan, but if they share materials with a friend who isn’t so comfortable with your company, it’s important that promotional magnets aren’t confusing or off putting in any way.

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