Cold-weather promotional products provide excellent branding for small businesses

Promotional products find the most success and offer the best branding opportunities to small businesses when they’re exceptionally useful. Fall is usually best for the deployment of these tools because the transition from one season to another leaves many consumers without the right items to deal with new situations. Even people who have experienced many cold winters will have been rendered complacent by the summer and will forget certain tools or objects that they need.

Companies that step in and provide such tools will be remembered fondly by people who are in this position. Here are some of the best promotional products to deploy just as winter is getting underway so that customers will be unable to put them aside and ignore their branded messages.

Promotional jackets and sweatshirts
By the end of winter, most people will have fleshed out their collections of coats and sweaters to the extent that they won’t find promotional clothing as necessary. However, the late fall is another matter entirely. Folks have let their guard down all summer and are unpleasantly surprised to discover that it gets uncomfortably cold once the sun goes down.

Don’t let people freeze – offer promotional sweatshirts and branded jackets. Now, more than ever, they’ll be in heavy rotation on city streets and neighborhood sidewalks, sharing their promotional messages with other customers and reminding their wearers that they were there to help out.

Duffel bags
Warm clothing is essential during this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that an occasional warm spell doesn’t crop up. In fact, the late fall is the perfect time for an Indian Summer to appear and remind folks that the sun isn’t done warming this hemisphere of the planet. This leads to the emblematic dress code of autumn – layers. However, many people aren’t yet familiar with this practice, and even if they are, they need somewhere to put their excess garments.

Promotional duffel bags can not only carry extra garments – they’re also perfect for holding the scarves, hats, gloves and other articles that aren’t needed when the sun comes out. However, once it dives back behind a cloud or a building, these items will be ready for the taking.

Auto safety kits
When a car breaks down during any other time of year, the worst thing that can happen is that one’s evening will be ruined while waiting for a tow truck to arrive. In the winter, one’s safety is at stake. That’s why promotional auto safety kits are crucial to have on hand. They can help to jump-start a car whose battery had died, replace flat tires, signal passing automobiles, perform first aid and even break windows that have trapped a person inside. Winter auto safety is something too few people consider, which is why small businesses should provide them to customers.

Thankfully, people don’t throw out their coffee mugs at the end of every summer. However, some mugs that are in storage are broken every year. What’s more, consumers often forget to bring mugs to work until well after the time of year when they’re first needed. Consequently, promotional mugs will be much appreciated by people just looking for their caffeine fix from a warm and comforting source.

Pocket calendars
With the holidays coming, it’s important to keep track of important events, holidays, birthdays, vacations, days off and a host of other dates that might easily be thrown by the wayside. Fortunately, when companies provide promotional pocket calendars, no one has any excuse for forgetting a Secret Santa party or the pageant that a niece or nephew is performing in.

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