Say “Thank You” with Promotional Products

employee appreciation gifts

Every small business has someone to thank, whether that someone is an employee, client, investor, or business partner. Whomever you would like to thank for helping your small business grow, do it with a promotional product! Show them their direct impact on the success of your business with an appreciation gift that proudly displays your branding. Consider any of the following promotional thank you gifts:

3-Color Pen with Stylus

A quality pen at a low, affordable price point, the 3-Color Pen with Stylus is the perfect appreciation gift for a large group of people, such as all your employees. With three ink colors and a universal touch-screen compatible stylus tip, it’s the only pen they’ll ever need!

Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

The Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a complete bar and kitchen tool set with a stainless steel corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil blade. Offering the perfect backdrop for your imprint, it comes in three striking colors: bold red, sleek black, or unique semi-transparent turquoise. This classic gift alone is a great way to express your gratitude, and for someone whom you’re particularly grateful, you can pair it with their favorite wine or bubbly!

Denim Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker

This stylish, wireless charger has a secret: it’s also a Bluetooth speaker! Compact and minimalist, it fits discreetly on any desk, while packing a ton of power and volume. Ideal for office parties or at-home use, this charger and speaker combo guarantees your full-color imprint will be in the spotlight frequently!

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Holiday Employee Gift Guide

Employees are the driving force behind any business, so show your appreciation for all that they do with personalized promotional gifts for the holidays! Branded holiday employee gifts are not only a kind gesture, but they can also encourage a team-oriented atmosphere and pride in the business. This year, we have compiled a complete holiday employee gift guide to help make corporate gifting easy, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season and focus on what really matters: your connection with your employees!

Cozy and Bright

Something to keep you cozy is always a welcome gift during the cold months! Your employees can keep Jack Frost at bay this season with any of the following gifts:

Gildan Adult Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt: What’s better than staying cozy all winter long? Being able to stay cozy at work regardless of dress codes thanks to a company imprinted sweatshirt! Stylish, fleece-knit, and available with multiple screen printing options, employees will adore this comfy sweatshirt.

Port & Company Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt: Want to outfit your employees in company colors? Well you can with this sweatshirt! Available in over 40 rich colors, this hoodie is thick, durable, and the perfect canvas for your company logo!

Personalized Econo Sweatshirt Blanket: What could be cozier than a blanket? Your employees will be wearing this soft, sweatshirt-material blanket at sporting events, campfires, and special evenings with family.   

Drink and Be Merry

There’s no better way to enjoy the holidays than to curl up with your favorite drink! Whether at home or at work, your employees can enjoy a taste of the holidays with custom drinkware.

12 Oz. The Spooner Custom Oval Mug: Stir up some holiday cheer with this playful yet practical mug and spoon combo! The Spooner is perfect for coffee, tea, soup, or cereal.

14 Oz. Moscow Mule Barrel Mug: The Moscow Mule is an iconic winter cocktail thanks to its spicy ginger flavor that warms you up from the inside out! This attractive double-wall copper-plated mug with barrel design makes for stunning holiday drinkware. A recipe for the cocktail is included with the mug, but the mug suitable for any cold drink, making it a great option for year-round use!

16 Oz. Tuscany Thermos & Tumbler Gift Set: This two-piece gift is already perfectly packaged and ready to give! The matching thermos and tumbler are insulated stainless steel and come with soft faux-leather sleeves with your custom imprint.

‘Tis the Season for Tech

Technology and accessories are always a hit during the holidays. Get your employees something to improve their time at work or that they wouldn’t buy for themselves like any of the following customizable employee gifts:

Bluetooth Earbuds with Case: These high-end bluetooth earbuds have on-wire controls for volumes, songs, and calls, as well as a built-in microphone and can hold their charge for two hours of continuous use. Complete with a usb charger, the earbuds are presented in a slim carrying case with your company logo.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard: Ideal for frequent meetings or remote work on the go, this folding bluetooth keyboard is wireless and triple-folds for maximum convenience and space-saving. Thanks to its bluetooth technology, it can connect to any device as far as 32 feet away, making it a great tool for presentations.

All Day Computer Briefcase: If you really want to wow your employees this holiday, gift them the trendy and colorful All Day Computer Briefcase. Its internal padded laptop pocket fits laptops up to 15”, while multiple internal and external pockets neatly store everything else your employees need for work.

Holiday Getaway

Recently, employers have started offering extra paid vacation days for the holidays in lieu of a physical gift, allowing their employees to make the most of their holidays. Whether or not your business is following suit, you can still help your employees enjoy their holiday travels in other ways.

Tuscany Duo-Textured Luggage Tag: This luggage tag is ideal for large offices or for combining with other travel-themed gifts to create your own employee gift set! Wherever your employees spend the holidays, they can take your brand with them.

Cordoba Journal Book: While traveling, your employees can keep everything all in one place with the Cordoba Journal Book. It has pockets for cards, a mesh photo ID window, a pen loop, and 100 sheets of white lined paper for memos, appointments, holiday shopping lists, and other travel notes.

Molise Leather Weekender Bag: Send your employees off on holiday vacation in style with this luxurious leather weekender bag. Extra large and crafted from soft, genuine lamb leather, this bag is durable, stylish, and the perfect carry-on. Your laser-engraved imprint will always remind your employees of your well-wishes while they travel.

Make your corporate holiday shopping simple this year with Myron! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll find and create the perfect holiday employee gifts, while our stellar customer service assists you every step of the way.

Hiring a new employee is the perfect time to give a corporate gift

Promotional products that are branded with a company logo, slogan or symbol are great for raising awareness of products or services, but they can also be used to increase company loyalty and improve employee morale. This is particularly true when they come in the form of corporate gifts – these handy presents are capable of thanking a worker for joining the team and illustrating how important he is to an organization.

Presenting personalized gifts to new hires is also helpful because these items may help them to do their jobs better. Workers that have recently begun work at a company will want to hit the ground running, so personalized pens, custom journals, promotional portfolios or logo diaries will allow them to take notes and record important information the moment that they begin working.

As recent hires become veteran employees, they’ll think back fondly to their first day whenever they take out their corporate gifts that they’ve used for so long. Such items become a right of passage at a company and will help retain the best employees. All people want to feel as if they’re part of a family, and corporate gifts are an excellent way to welcome the youngest members.

Business gifts benefit employees and employers alike

A business gift or corporate personalized product has many varied uses. An elegant promotional pen inscribed with a company’s name makes a phenomenal gift to commemorate a milestone for employees. Personalized electronics can be given to workers who are ending their time with a business after years of service. According to a survey released by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), business gifts are also incredibly effective at motivating employees to give projects their full effort.

The IRF compared the use of corporate gifts to that of cash prize incentives. Many companies find that certain sales goals or levels of productivity are more consistently achieved when a workforce has a tangible benefit to look forward to. The survey began on the premise that the average cash incentive is around triple that of merchandise or gift cards. The results show that merchandise in the form of business gifts or personalized items often cost an average of only $206, while gift cards have an average price tag of $240.

This research is important because it highlights the tangible value of physical gifts and promotional products. Companies can save money by investing in merchandise and personalized items for hard-working employees – to the tune of almost $400. Rather than feeling as if they lost out on the deal, workers can pride themselves on the receipt of an elegant business gift that has been personalized by the company to which they have given so many hours and so much effort.

Personalized business gifts leave a lasting impression

One of the most effective ways to commemorate a special event or transaction is to offer a personalized business gift to those who have helped make it possible. If a company’s anniversary is approaching, a sales benchmark has been met or a certain number of years with an organization has been reached, a personalized business gift can help mark the occasion. Giving a gift will also work well to motivate sales staff, to reward regular customers or apologize for poor service or an embarrassing mistake.

Though typically reserved for one’s personal life, personalized gifts can also be used in the workplace. Particularly upscale items, such as elegant pens or executive portfolios, convey feelings of quality and trust. Novel items, such as calendars or USB flash drives, carry a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Personalized business gifts as a whole are great brand ambassadors. They can be tailored to represent gratitude and respect toward a valuable employee who has exceeded expectations.

Beyond expressing sentiment or appreciation, personalized business gifts are memorable for their high functionality. With every use of a logo tote bag or a personalized calculator, gift recipients will be reminded of the occasion on which they received it and the circumstances under which it was given.

What’s more, business gifts can be customized so that their use reflects the message or company they represent. Firms of a clerical or financial nature may want to give out personalized pens, while high-tech firms can personalize technology accessories like USB drives or tablet PC cases.

The success of personalized gifts is also rooted in their tangible aspect. They are felt, seen, smelled, tasted and heard – as well as used and remembered.

When a business wants to thank an employee for personal sacrifice, exceptional performance or dedication, a personalized gift is the ideal way to so. An inscription on a meaningful object can be kept as a personal moment of a professional success.

The top four occasions to reward staff with personalized gifts

Companies, especially small businesses, often function best when they operate like a close-knit family. Bringing workers together is as simple as marking special occasions by rewarding individual workers or an entire workforce with a personalized memento from the company. Here are the top four times to celebrate hard work with a personalized business gift.

1. Individual milestones
They will vary depending upon the nature of a business, but certain lengths of employment deserve recognition by employers. For some companies, the completion of a training program might warrant something as simple as a personalized key chain. At other offices, 2, 5, or 10 years of work are significant accomplishments and deserve a personalized pen or portfolio that features the company’s logo.

2. Team Accomplishments
In retail settings, the holidays can be a brutal time of year. Small businesses can reward their staff for making it through another season with a useful and stylish USB drive keyring or other business gift. Different companies might find their crunch time at the end of every month or after the completion of a major account. Managers would do well to reward the workers who made these efforts possible with personalized products that recognize both the individual and team contributions.

3. Departures
A present at the end of a long period of service to a company rewards the worker to whom it is given. However, it also demonstrates to current employees that their efforts are worthwhile and that they’ll be rewarded themselves one day, should they continue on at the organization. Because of how rare these departures might be, high-end personalized gifts might be appropriate. Companies could consider personalized cocktail sets, computer cases, or a handsome watch.

4. Company milestones
When a business makes it for five, 10 or several dozen years, its workforce should be thanked. Companies that endure can thank their entire staff for years of hard work with many gifts at once, including personalized pens, promotional calendars and logo gadgets, that commemorate the anniversary.

Using promotional item giveaways to show employee appreciation

Promotional products can not only be used to show customer appreciation, but employee recognition as well. Whether it’s a personalized mug or a logo USB drive, a promotional item giveaway can be the perfect method to motivate workers and mark company milestones.

Employees are most appreciative of supervisors and managers who recognize that they have a life outside of their job. Offering promotional items, such as products that can be used outside of the office, is an ideal way to show workers that the company cares.

Managers who want to go the extra mile to express gratitude can include a personalized message on the items they give to their employees as well. In fact, adding a customized note can show to an individual that they are appreciated in the workplace, according to HR World, a human resources information site.

To keep up with employee morale and motivation, companies can begin a customer appreciation program. Not only will this provide a reason for promotional item giveaways, but it will remind managers to show gratitude to their employees throughout the year. Promotional products can be used to benefit the workplace and improve client relations as well.

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