Video marketing campaigns help small businesses with online visibility

During the internet’s infancy, one of the biggest limitations was download speed.

Video chat may change how small businesses market themselves

When small businesses conduct campaigns to market themselves and raise brand awareness, they are often held hostage by the platforms they use.

Small business marketing could be improved by using QR codes

One of the most difficult challenges that small business marketers face today is the rapid pace at which consumers are adopting new technology.

Making consumers passionate about a brand

There are certain brands, such as Apple, Starbucks and Google, that inspire loyalty among their customer bases.

The top four occasions to reward staff with personalized gifts

Companies, especially small businesses, often function best when they operate like a close-knit family. Bringing workers together is as simple as marking special occasions by rewarding individual workers or an entire workforce with a personalized memento from the company. Here are the top four times to celebrate hard work with a personalized business gift. 1. … Read more

Blogs are an ideal marketing forum for a small business

Blogging may seem like something individuals do to share stories or communicate with like-minded people. However, more and more companies are using blogs to market their products and services.

B2B marketing budgets on the rise with focus on branding

The results of a survey conducted by Forrester reveal that marketing budgets are up nearly seven percent for businesses.

Promotional items may become more common during economic upswings

During an economic slump, it’s more important than ever for companies to invest in advertising through promotional items, such as logo USB drives, luxury pens and personalized mugs.

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