Small businesses and social media need to be precisely aligned

If the value of different social media platforms is to be judged by the time and effort that companies need to put into them, Twitter must surely be worth a fortune.

Small business marketers should keep up with the 2012 branding trends

The books have yet to close on 2011, but it seems as if analysts are already finished with that year and moving on to the next.

Understanding Facebook sharing patterns for small business marketing

One of the best ways for small businesses to stay in contact with customers and reach out to potential clients is by using social media.

Small business marketing tips for social media

Customer outreach is one of the single most important tasks for any small business marketer.

Unique selling propositions – an important small business marketing tip

There are quite a few variables small business marketers must consider when they embark on a branding campaign.

December offers plenty of opportunities for interesting promotions

Being distinctive and memorable plays a large role in any effective promotion.

Some small business marketing advice from the playbook of Microsoft

The tragic death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this year has created an outpouring of articles about the life and style of this brilliant man. However, there is another visionary who is still among us who has arguably done more to influence the world.

Exceptions to common small business marketing plans

There are quite a few rules for small business marketers that may seem ironclad.

Small Business Saturday gets a boost from Google and Twitter

After the excitement of Black Friday has died down, local companies are encouraged to take advantage of an event specifically tailored to garner them additional customers.

Facebook is willing to lend a hand to small business marketers

The emphasis on social media for small business marketers has always been strong, but it is becoming more important than ever before now that more tools are emerging for local companies to take advantage of. With the emergence of new services such as Google+, older organizations are seeking to bolster their roles in the small … Read more

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