December offers plenty of opportunities for interesting promotions

Being distinctive and memorable plays a large role in any effective promotion. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have the same marketing budgets and resources on hand as large corporations do. Consequently, any excuse for an event or pretense to offer discounts is good as long as they stick in the minds of consumers and draw attention to an organization.

That’s why strange holidays and odd celebrations are important to keep in mind. Small business marketers can derive a great deal of brand awareness from the off-kilter days that sprinkle the calendar, which is why December is such an important marketing month. Use the following guide of weird holidays to keep customers on their toes and interested in the products and services that a company offers.

December 4 – Santa’s List Day
It’s difficult to approach the month of December without being inundated with Christmas promotions, so it’s no wonder that it begins with the start of the gift-giving spirit. Santa’s List Day celebrates the tradition children have been performing for decades – writing letters to old St. Nick. Companies can commemorate this day by encouraging kids and adults alike to draft wish lists of the things they hope to find under the Christmas tree. Products that appear on special lists drafted on this day can be sold at a discount, or promotional products can be offered to families that offer to share their lists with other customers.

December 5 – Repeal Day
The Volstead Act ushered in a brief period of American history in which the sale and consumption of alcohol was illegal. This ill-fated experiment in human behavior is widely considered to have failed miserably, which is why some folks still celebrate the repeal of the 18th Amendment with so much enthusiasm. Companies that are at all involved in the sale of wine and spirits will no doubt have little trouble finding ways to offer customers discounts on this day, but even regular businesses can remind consumers that they have the right to imbibe every now and again.

December 9 – Christmas Card Day
Devotees of the practice that sees millions of cards sent through the mail during the holiday season have likely not left their correspondence until this late in the month. However, yuletide stragglers will certainly appreciate any efforts that businesses make to facilitate their desire to spread some good cheer through the postal service. Give promotional and branded cards and envelopes on this day to help customers stay in touch with friends and family that they won’t end up seeing on Christmas or any other December holiday.

December 11 – International Children’s Day
Most customers aren’t children, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t appropriate to begin courting them as clients. Companies that don’t normally do business with kids can offer discounts to parents who let their children conduct transactions in their steads. In fact, non-traditional organizations such as insurance carriers, production facilities and copy centers can encourage children to come in for small gifts or candy in the spirit of celebrating future consumers.

December 13 – Ice Cream Day
There are two kinds of people in this world – those that like ice cream and liars. Even customers who are watching their weight won’t mind a little taste of America’s favorite desert, so harried shoppers will appreciate businesses offering a bit of ice cream. By December 13, the holiday season and its concurrent crowded shopping centers will have reached a fever pitch, meaning that a brief respite from the madness a little bit of ice cream provides will help customers to appreciate a business even more.

December 21 – Humbug Day
While most people find something to enjoy about the holiday season, there are plenty of consumers who want nothing better than to abolish the whole time of year. These humbugs hate being assaulted by omnipresent Christmas music, heaving crowds and general good cheer. Courting this bitter market is helpful for some companies who can de-emphasize Christmas and its attendant traditions on the 21st of December. In fact, publicizing a break from yuletide activities may even welcome some avowed enthusiasts who are approaching their holiday madness breaking points.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve
Most people will likely have plans on this evening, but during the day it is time for a reflection on the past year. More importantly, it is the last chance that customers have to go wild with certain products that they may be giving up for as long as possible by way of adhering to a New Year’s Resolution. Take advantage of this final blaze of glory by discounting luxury products, food, spirits and other goods that are generally considered tools of excess.

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