Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was designed to give the “Main Street” stores a chance to cash in on the incredible shopping opportunity that follows Thanksgiving. Black Friday promotions have long heralded the launch of the holiday shopping season and given major retailers a chance to put their best offers of the season out to the public and march toward their year-end numbers solidly in the black. In recent years, Cyber Monday has done the same for online retailers. Now it is time for small business owners to reap the same rewards.

1- Get the word out!

Make sure your customers are aware that you are participating in Small Business Saturday. has several tools available for small business owners including social media tips and in-store signage. Passing out flyers, wearing a promotional T-shirt advertising the event, and making sure your website reflects your participation are all good ways to raise awareness.

2- Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

If there was ever a time for discounts or coupons, this is it! In the frenzy of the shopping weekend, there are lots of options for the consumer. It is time to put your best deals in front of them. A great deal on a hot product or service can get them in the door and then you can sell them on everything else you have to offer. Coupon books for return visits are a great incentive as well.

3- Everyone loves a gift!

Customers will be thrilled to receive a gift for themselves while shopping for others. Make it fun, unique, or utilitarian and you’ll have your customers talking about your business all year long. Put your business’s name and phone number on a USB flash drive or colorful umbrella; a nice calendar or mug filled with coupons will have clients remembering your name long after the weekend is over. Promotional products do double duty as great gifts and better advertising.

4- Create a buzz.

Plan hourly giveaways of high-end gifts, community trivia with coveted prizes, games for the kids; any or all of these ideas give the feeling of a true “event”. People will be curious to see what is going on and will want to get in on the fun.

5- Put your name out there!

Make sure that every person in your store, restaurant, or business has something with your name and phone number on it when they leave. This will ensure that the traffic of Small Business Saturday will return to you throughout the upcoming year.

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