Celebrate March birthdays with birthstones and other zodiac-themed promotional products

Every month has specific themes and signs assigned to it by the varying different Zodiac symbols. The Western style focuses on birthstones and colors, while the Chinese Zodiac is centered around animals and philosophical traits and astrology based on the divination of the stars. A small business looking to take advantage of the popularity of horoscopes and other forms of personality predictions can use promotional products to reach out to a target audience.

While daily horoscopes are featured in newspapers worldwide, a company can project a successful brand image by using the same strategy with promotional items. Business gifts like logo tote bags can include inner pockets that offer a prediction for every month of the calendar year. If distributing to a large customer base, make sure to haveĀ at least one gift for each one of the 12 Zodiac signs.

While the Chinese Zodiac certainly offers unique views on the stars, it is generally advisable to stick with the Western style prevalent in the United States. March begins with Pisces and ends with Aries, so promotional products should contain information on these two specific signs. A birthstone like aquamarine can be included for added effect.

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