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Target MLB spring training with baseball-themed promotional products

Target MLB spring training with baseball-themed promotional products

Spring training is an exciting time across the United States. In warm locations throughout Florida and other states, professional teams play exhibition games against each other and offer benchwarmers the chance to launch themselves into a starting position. Tickets to these events are often cheap, and spectators fill the stands whenever the weather permits. A small business can take advantage of the hype surrounding spring training with promotional products.

As teams sometimes play training games in locations far away from their home town, make sure that your promotional products avoid focusing on geographic features. For example, the Boston Red Sox conduct their spring training on the west coast of Florida – custom coffee mugs should be emblazoned with baseball bats and mitts rather than any information regarding New England. Your target distribution area should also be the general United States as opposed to specific regions.

While promotional products are free to target any one of the major professional teams, businesses should remember that it is illegal to use copyrighted MLB images without the express written consent of the owners. If companies gain this permission and successfully execute a baseball-themed promotional advertising campaign during the spring, they may experience optimal return on investment.

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