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Incorporate geographic information about your company on promotional products

Incorporate geographic information about your company on promotional products

In order for a company to retain an expansive customer base, a marketing manager needs to broadcast specific information about corporate services to a target audience. This includes the name and address of any national headquarters, among many other things. Promotional products can be designed with this in mind, and contain subtle hints that draw attention to a brand image without sacrificing decorative features.

For example, custom wall calendars can be of great use to office employees. They provide a visual aid for remembering important meeting, finance and project deadlines, and are normally hung in a location where they are highly visible. These calendars normally incorporate light-hearted themes, and a company usually inserts a corporate logo onto the corner of each page.

Additionally, these can be personalized to display geographic location. If a company has locations in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City, a calendar can be themed with information on a different city or state each month. Then, a small business can put a star on the map where its national headquarters is located. The name, address and other relevant information can be included below.

Potential clients will know exactly where to go if you incorporate your company’s physical location on promotional products.

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