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Take advantage of the hype surrounding Peyton Manning with leftover promotional products

When you turn on the TV during the NFL off-season, there is normally not a lot of news circulating about football. However, this year several high-profile free agents are on the market, and none are more famous than All-Star quarterback Peyton Manning. A small business can take advantage of the hype surrounding this renowned man by incorporating football themes into its promotional products.

The Indianapolis Colts decided to release Peyton Manning during March, and there is a lot of uncertainty over where he will eventually end up. Though his neck surgery is said to have gone well, NFL teams will need to see him throw more frequently before they come to a decision. Early speculation has linked him with teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, both of whom are in dire need of a skilled player in the quarterback position.

If there is a surplus of football-themed promotional items left over from the regular season, now is the time to distribute them. They can be timed with tradeshow giveaways that offer a prize to whoever correctly guesses the team that scoops up Manning. This way, a corporate brand image can be projected to the largest possible target audience.

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