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Spring brings the perfect time to clean up a marketing strategy

Spring brings the perfect time to clean up a marketing strategy

Spring is a time to start over from the beginning. During the winter, trees and plants go into hibernation to store energy for their eventual renewal in the warmer months. Just like meditative vegetation, a small business can use the springtime to re-evaluate a marketing campaign or promotional advertising strategy. One of the goals of these programs is to generate brand awareness in the maximum amount of potential clients, and promotional products can help in this regard.

As spring is a time of reflection as well as new growth, let’s take a look at why promotional items are cost-effective when compared to other traditional methods. TV and radio spots, for example, reach out to a fair amount of people and can effectively establish a small business in a local market. However, there is no guarantee that anyone will be tuned in during the time of the advertisement. You might pay thousands of dollars for a 30-second broadcast and spend even more hiring actors and voice-over artists.

Executive gifts are sold at a flat rate, and retail at reduced prices when purchased in bulk. Even something as simple as a promotional pen can reach the same audience as a TV commercial, and the only difference is that the pen will stay in the customer’s hand instead of disappearing after 30 seconds. This is visibility that even advertising giants cannot guarantee.

Besides being cost-effective, promotional products can also be given out at any time of the year. You can design business gifts around a seasonal theme, or they can be more evergreen and remain practical for all 365 days. For example, your company could distribute Easter Eggs with a brand image on them, or you could give away edible treats that can also be enjoyed year-round.

There is also no limit to what can be incorporated into promotional products. The FCC and other regulatory committees scrutinize what is broadcast on television and radio waves, but there are more lenient laws governing the use of promotional items. While it is generally advisable to avoid controversial themes and subjects, you can at least be assured that no one will mind unique color schemes or snarky messaging.

This spring, small businesses across the nation should consider upgrading a traditional marketing strategy with promotional products.

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