Making consumers passionate about a brand

There are certain brands, such as Apple, Starbucks and Google, that inspire loyalty among their customer bases. What is it about these brands that elicits such a response from consumers? Marketing consultant Kate Newlin points to several different factors that help keep customers passionate about their practices.

These companies have worked hard to forge lasting relationships with their consumers that endure for years. They tend to target consumers in non-traditional ways – rather than going after specific demographics, their advertising purveys a particular worldview. Apple, for instance, distinguishes itself from its competitors by creating a sense of magic around its products. Details are often kept under wraps until they’re officially presented to the public. As a result a constant air of anticipation surrounds Apple and its products.

Not every company has the resources or media presence of Apple, however. This doesn’t mean that business owners and C-level executives aren’t able to develop loyalty amongst consumers. Rather than giving off the mystique of an all-powerful technological behemoth, small and middle-sized companies should cultivate an air of dependability. Passionate customer loyalty is something that comes from a subconscious understanding that a product line has accomplished good things in the past. Businesses which provide this dependability and mark it with their distinct brand will find themselves the object of strong consumer interest for years to come.

Staking the visual space that customers gaze at can be accomplished many ways. Organizations that wish to build a good reputation and brand recognition can invest in promotional products, such as promotional pens or tote bags that feature their logos, slogans or branding images. So long as the company provides a good service and the brand is highly visible, the consumers will follow.

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