Small businesses and Twitter – a match made in heaven

When it was first released, Twitter may have seemed like a silly idea to a lot of people due to the hyper-protracted forms of communication that are made possible by this system. With an arsenal of only 140 characters, Twitter memes didn’t seem poised to win the attention of frequent internet users. However, those early assumptions have been proven mostly wrong, and now, in 2011, it is becoming clear that Twitter will be with us for some time.

The possibilities that Twitter offers for regular folks interested only in social interaction and media sharing goes even double for companies. In fact, small businesses are very well-positioned to take advantage of Twitter’s unique place on the web. Here are some of the reasons that small and local companies should use Twitter for maximum branding and marketing success.

It’s easy
As far as social networking goes, it doesn’t get easier than Twitter. Unlike Facebook or MySpace, in which users must navigate videos, pictures, text, apps, games and other media that’s quickly being developed for those platforms, Twitter is concise and simple. Certainly, it can supplement an extensive online media campaign. However, by itself or as a single node in an all-out online marketing push, it is one of the lowest-maintenance advertising platforms.

All each post requires is 140 characters. In fact, one can’t go over 140 characters, making all tweets short, sweet and to the point. This gives small businesses the opportunity to communicate with consumers in a way that doesn’t require intense planning and tortured rewrites of copy and text. Rather, it’s simply an honest platform from which to advertise certain deals, facts about a company or news that’s related to a company’s industry or area.

Twitter users
People who use Twitter a great deal are some of the internet’s most elite users. They are constantly sharing information at breakneck speed and follow dozens of people at once. If anyone shares the most links, news or stories online, it is those internet users that comprise the Twitterverse. Consequently, reaching a great many people quickly is as easy as registering for an account, finding the appropriate followers (by including a Twitter username on promotional products or print advertising) and keeping them informed in a concise, 21st-century manner.

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