Business gifts benefit employees and employers alike

A business gift or corporate personalized product has many varied uses. An elegant promotional pen inscribed with a company’s name makes a phenomenal gift to commemorate a milestone for employees. Personalized electronics can be given to workers who are ending their time with a business after years of service. According to a survey released by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), business gifts are also incredibly effective at motivating employees to give projects their full effort.

The IRF compared the use of corporate gifts to that of cash prize incentives. Many companies find that certain sales goals or levels of productivity are more consistently achieved when a workforce has a tangible benefit to look forward to. The survey began on the premise that the average cash incentive is around triple that of merchandise or gift cards. The results show that merchandise in the form of business gifts or personalized items often cost an average of only $206, while gift cards have an average price tag of $240.

This research is important because it highlights the tangible value of physical gifts and promotional products. Companies can save money by investing in merchandise and personalized items for hard-working employees – to the tune of almost $400. Rather than feeling as if they lost out on the deal, workers can pride themselves on the receipt of an elegant business gift that has been personalized by the company to which they have given so many hours and so much effort.

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