The top four occasions to reward staff with personalized gifts

Companies, especially small businesses, often function best when they operate like a close-knit family. Bringing workers together is as simple as marking special occasions by rewarding individual workers or an entire workforce with a personalized memento from the company. Here are the top four times to celebrate hard work with a personalized business gift.

1. Individual milestones
They will vary depending upon the nature of a business, but certain lengths of employment deserve recognition by employers. For some companies, the completion of a training program might warrant something as simple as a personalized key chain. At other offices, 2, 5, or 10 years of work are significant accomplishments and deserve a personalized pen or portfolio that features the company’s logo.

2. Team Accomplishments
In retail settings, the holidays can be a brutal time of year. Small businesses can reward their staff for making it through another season with a useful and stylish USB drive keyring or other business gift. Different companies might find their crunch time at the end of every month or after the completion of a major account. Managers would do well to reward the workers who made these efforts possible with personalized products that recognize both the individual and team contributions.

3. Departures
A present at the end of a long period of service to a company rewards the worker to whom it is given. However, it also demonstrates to current employees that their efforts are worthwhile and that they’ll be rewarded themselves one day, should they continue on at the organization. Because of how rare these departures might be, high-end personalized gifts might be appropriate. Companies could consider personalized cocktail sets, computer cases, or a handsome watch.

4. Company milestones
When a business makes it for five, 10 or several dozen years, its workforce should be thanked. Companies that endure can thank their entire staff for years of hard work with many gifts at once, including personalized pens, promotional calendars and logo gadgets, that commemorate the anniversary.

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