USB drives make versatile personalized gifts

The days of floppy disks are certainly long gone, but it appears that CDs are now too on their way out as a means to record personal data. Fortunately, USB drives continue to reign supreme. As they can be customized with personal messages or information, they make excellent gifts and promotional products that just about anyone will find handy and useful. Some of the top recipients of these handy items include:

1. Students
Being a high school or college student means writing a lot of papers and doing a lot of research – typically on multiple computers. Transferring information electronically requires a USB drive, making the item a useful personalized gift for any college student.

2. Recent graduates
After graduation, the real world starts. Unfortunately, the workforce might feel like a more stressful version of college life to some recent grads. These newly-minted adults may also have important paperwork or forms to keep with them at all times – making USB drives the perfect personalized gift.

3. Artists
Creating music, pictures or words has become a digital effort. Aspiring musicians will want a record of their work on them at all times (so they’re always ready for their big break). The same is true for writers, who might be wary of losing long passages or projects to computer crashes, and photographers, who typically love sharing their photos on the internet.

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