The top 5 gifts for teachers at graduation

The end of the school year has arrived, and graduating students aren’t the only ones who deserve gifts. A personalized present is an excellent way to say “thank you” to the people who provided the education that graduation celebrates. It’s also a respectful first step for those nervous about asking for a letter of recommendation! Here are the top five gifts for educators and professors.

1. Executive portfolios
Despite dictating them in prodigious amounts, teachers take quite a few notes themselves. A personalized executive portfolio is a wonderful way to help teachers prepare a curriculum and create test questions for the next batch of bright young minds.

2. Personalized calculators
Math and science teachers might have made students do their math out by hand, but for them a calculator will do nicely. A personalized message will be a pleasant reminder of a successful grad every time he calculates a grade point average.

3. Executive pens
A beautiful pen with a personal message is a fitting gift for professors, the perennial paper-graders. Now that the next phase of a student’s life is beginning, a pen can also accompany a request to keep in touch.

4. Personalized computer bags
Many teachers use computers and tablet PCs, so this choice is fitting for most. Computer science and programming teachers in particular can be appropriately thanked with a means to tote around their weapon of choice.

5. Solar clip charger
Science teachers who taught students about the principles of light and energy can use this personalized gadget to stay charged while on the go. Life science and other outdoorsy types will also get a kick out of a tool that acknowledges the knowledge that they’ve imparted.

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