Personalized supplies for special events

When holding a dinner party or awards ceremony, the final touches you bestow on your dinner tables make it all the more memorable for your guests. Not only do they lend an air of unity to the proceedings, but personalized dinner and drink supplies can also serve as souvenirs for the attendees. Here are the top promotional items for organizations to invest in before a big party.

There are a number of different types of drinking glasses that can be customized with logos, dates, slogans or company information, including cocktail glasses, wine flutes, water glasses and highballs. Every sip is taken from what becomes a physical reminder of the social gathering (and an organization’s promotional event), and they make excellent mementos to take home.

Every home should have at least one corkscrew with which to open bottles of wine. There’s no reason why these corkscrews shouldn’t bear the logo or name of an organization they support. When hosting corporate events, promotional corkscrews make ideal promotional items.

Wine Pourers
Not everyone has the expertise of a French waiter when it comes to serving wine. Wine pourers make the job a bit easier for the inexpert,ac and can carry with them the name of the event they were used at.

Cocktail Set
Owning a cocktail set can mean the difference between pretending to know what one is doing at a bar and looking like a real bartender. Cocktail sets can easily be turned into trendy promotional items, and they’ll lend any business a hip and swanky cache.

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