Blogs are an ideal marketing forum for a small business

Blogging may seem like something individuals do to share stories or communicate with like-minded people. However, more and more companies are using blogs to market their products and services. In fact, according to a survey by American Express, 8 percent of small businesses use blogging as a means to reach customers. This figure has doubled since the end of 2009 and is expected to continue to rise.

The following reasons explain why social media is so beneficial to small and mid-sized companies.

Search Engines
An survey found that 74 percent of consumers use search engines to find the lowest prices for products. The internet has become the first stop for customers who want to find a deal, and blogs are an excellent way to get a bump in search engine results. Many search engines such as Google and Yahoo! use complex algorithms that seek out sites which contain unique and informative content. A good blog will help improve an organization’s search engine rankings and is consequently likely to boost sales.

Contact with Customers
A blog is also a great way to create a point of entry for collecting information and leads from consumers. They can comment upon different posts, contribute to a conversation about a product or service and ultimately provide contact information for further news and deals.

Expanding Brand Awareness
In addition to other marketing techniques, such as giving out promotional products, a blog serves as a way to promote awareness of a business. Those consumers who wish to learn more about an organization can learn details by following branded products’ directions to an informative blog.

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