Top promotional products to increase your brand awareness in the summer

Promotional products are effective tools for small business marketing thanks to their notable versatility. Happily, now that summer is almost here, organizations can brand themselves through seasonal promotional products that will serve their customers well.

1. Tote bags
Trips to the park or beach are standard for summer weekends. Personalized tote bags will be a common accessory that customers will appreciate and businesses can use to spread their message.

2. Koozies
Summer is the time to kick back with a cold beverage, be it a beer or a lemonade. Loyal customers will appreciate drink koozies that serve them well in the long, hot  months, and organizations can use these ideal party favors or barbecue supplies to associate their brands with relaxation and summer fun.

3. Coolers
Soft, portable coolers are all but synonymous with summertime. Even those who never considered having a picnic outdoors might be so encouraged should they find one in their possession. Emblazoned with a company name, coolers will remind people at their happiest and most relaxed about their favorite companies and services.

3. Beach Balls & Frisbees
Fun in the sun is an important part of summer and there’s no better way to take advantage of a beautiful day than playing outside.  Give out fun gifts like promotional beach balls,  custom flyers and paddle ball sets as prizes to loyal customers. These irresistable branded gifts are sure to become the center of attention for young and old alike.

5. Umbrellas
It might rain in most places all year, but during no other season are people as determined and prepared to be outside. Umbrellas will show up at the beach, in the city, on the golf course or at a rained-out day at the park. Bright colors and large designs make them eye-catching, cheerful and hard to ignore.

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