Help teachers prepare for the school year

Students aren’t the only ones who will head back to school over the next weeks as teachers will start working at that time. Educators are dedicated to their jobs and classes, but the summer is a welcome respite from the stresses of molding young minds every day.┬áDr. Kevin Eames, a former teacher, told the BBC that while the profession is invigorating, some people who come from demanding fields are stressed by teaching.

“It’s exciting. The adrenaline burn from the classroom is like nothing else and I’ve done a range of things and I keep coming back to the classroom. Teachers I’ve worked with who have come in from law, finance and journalism have commented that it is the most demanding, tiring and busy thing they have ever done,” Eams┬ásaid.

Indeed, teaching can be quite stressful, but small business owners can help educators relax by distributing unique promotional products that will help around the classroom. Perhaps the best items entrepreneurs can give away are logo-emblazoned coffee mugs and travel thermoses. Most teachers need multiple cups of coffee during the day so they’ll love having reusable containers handy. Additionally, the promotional items will increase brand recognition among teachers so they may start visiting an establishment more frequently after receiving the mugs.

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