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Project reveals many people want to live on Mars

Over 100,000 people are vying for the opportunity to live on Mars. According to CNN, these candidates have completed their submissions to be considered for the chance to be sent to the red planet by Mars One, an organization that wants start colonizing Mars by 2022. The news source reports that 30,000 Americans were among the volunteers.

Mars One charges a fee for every application. The total cost is based on the gross domestic product of the volunteer’s country. Bas Lansdorp, the group’s CEO and co-founder, stated that the price was put in place so people would need to decide whether they actually wanted the opportunity to live on another planet.

“We wanted it to be high enough for people to have to really think about it and low enough for anyone to be able to afford it,” Lansdorp said.

The fact that Mars One can charge just for applications shows just how enamored consumers are with the idea of going into outer space.

The popularity of the final frontier, specifically Mars, is something small business owners should capitalize on in their marketing campaigns. Intergalactic images can be emblazoned on unique promotional products so customers can dream about living beyond the stars. Additionally, promotional items can include depictions of Mars and Martians so clients can think about what it would be like to live on another planet alongside aliens.

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