Beautician’s Day is June 26

While small businesses can celebrate general holidays, there are also special occasions for specific industries and professions. Many of these days are meant to recognize the efforts of certain people and thank them for their hard work over the last year.

In June, salons and spas can hold events for Beautician’s Day. According to Holiday Insights, the annual celebration is held on June 26, which falls on a Wednesday this year. The news source explains that consumers should show their appreciation for beauticians on this day. Additionally, some professionals use the day as an opportunity to thank their loyal clients for their continued patronage, which is a unique practice because many workers don’t use their holidays for customer appreciation. Perhaps most importantly, salon and spa owners should reward their employees by distributing personalized business gifts for all the great work they’ve done since Beautician’s Day 2012.

To help celebrate Beautician’s Day, here are a few gifts ideas that clients, professionals and employers can distribute.

Cardona Cosmetic Bag
Beauticians who want to help their clients look great between appointments give distribute Cardona Cosmetic Bags. The pouch is small enough that it can fit inside most purses and tote bags, but has sufficient space to hold all the necessary accessories to allow recipients to fix their make up throughout the day or while on the go. The great gift will help ensure that consumers can always find their cosmetics quickly instead of fruitlessly searching for blush, mascara or lipstick.

Beauticians would also love to receive the Cardona Cosmetic Bags from their employers or clients on June 26. These professionals spend all day working with make up, but they still have to do their own every day. The functional presents would allow beauty specialists to handle their cosmetic needs without any difficulties.

Cardona Compact Mirror
Of course, recipients will likely struggle to do their make up without a mirror. After all, it’s difficult to apply mascara and blush without being able to see what areas require attention. People may end up with uneven make up because they are guessing when both sides are sufficiently covered.

To that end, Cardona Compact Mirrors are great gifts to distribute on Beautician’s Day. The small mirrors are adorned with grained leather so they’re safe from everyday damage, and can fit inside most traveling cases, including the Cardona Cosmetic Bag. Additionally, initials and logos can be emblazoned on the leather to add personal touches to the gifts. Gift recipients will appreciate customized gifts because they are very special. Beauticians in particular will love receiving personalized mirrors from their clients or employers on June 26 because professionals want to know that their hard work is appreciated.

Manicure Kit
Many consumers go to spas and salons to have their nails done. Clipping, filing and scraping are difficult tasks that are best left in the hands of professionals so clients usually make appointments with their manicurists. Beauticians can help loyal patrons take care of their cuticles with 5 Piece Manicure Kits. The great presents include tweezers, clippers, miniaturized scissors, nail files and cuticle scrapers, all of which are crucial to beautifying nails.

During appointments, manicurists can show clients how to take care of their cuticles. Some clients might not understand the best practices for clipping and trimming, but short lessons can ensure that everyone learns about proper cuticle maintenance. Customers will appreciate that their beauticians are going the extra mile and providing assistance for nail care. Short training sessions will establish deep connections between beauticians and their clients.

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