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Get your sweet tooth ready for National Candy Month in June

Get your sweet tooth ready for National Candy Month in June

Every month has a unique theme attached to it, but June might be the sweetest time of the year because it’s National Candy Month. Almost everyone enjoys sweet treats, which makes June a great month to celebrate. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the National Confectioners Association estimated that American consumers bought 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween 2012. Of course, October 31 is one of the most popular candy holidays every year, and numerous people would rather eat sugary snacks all year instead of on a single autumn evening.

Small business owners can cater to customers who have a sweet tooth by distributing candy during June’s promotional giveaways. Many clients might be unaware of National Candy Month so entrepreneurs can raise awareness for the celebration by distributing confectionery delights throughout the month. The sweet gifts will be nice surprises for consumers who don’t want to wait until Halloween for some chocolate, jelly beans or other sugary delights. Additionally, assorted chocolate collections make great personalized business gifts for loyal patrons who deserve more than an average presents during National Candy Month. Read on for a look at some fun ways to celebrate June’s tasty theme.

A delightful chocolate treat
Few people would disagree that chocolate is the most enjoyable ingredient in most candies. While there are other options, a milk or dark chocolate bar is hard to beat in many cases. Consumers frequently turn to the delightful confection as the average American eats approximately 11.7 pounds of chocolate annually, according to GourmetSpot. This statistic highlights how much chocolate people need to satisfy their cravings.

Small business owners can capitalize on GourmetSpot’s findings by distributing small tins of chocolate as promotional marketing products. Many clients would appreciate a package filled with chocolate candies. However, entrepreneurs shouldn’t limit themselves to plain treats because it takes more flavors to truly fulfill a sweet tooth’s demands.

For instance, butter toffee covered in chocolate offers a unique flavor that many customers will appreciate during National Candy Month. Alternatively, chocolate-covered cashews are also great snacks that consumers will love to to eat this June.

For loyal clients, an assorted collection of chocolates might be the ideal gift. Recipients will love having a large box of snacks to keep on their desks in case hunger sets in before lunch. Custom messages can be emblazoned on the largest piece of chocolate so small business owners can tell clients exactly why the gifts are being given. The personal touch will help entrepreneurs endear themselves to tenured customers.

Always have alternatives
Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy chocolate because of their health conditions. For instance, consumers with certain food allergies have to stay away from chocolate to avoid new ailments. The Chicago Tribune explains that many patients with this affliction really react to specific ingredients and not the chocolate itself. Allergies shouldn’t stop some customers from celebrating National Candy Month, and small business can ensure everyone can enjoy some sweets by having alternative treats ready for special circumstances.

A small package of Swedish fish is an ideal option for consumers who can’t have any chocolate because of their allergies. The snack is delicious, chewy and sugary, making it one of the best sweets anyone can have during June’s month-long celebration. Gummy bears are also great alternatives to chocolate because they are tasty and come in a variety of flavors. Small business owners should have supplies of both treats to ensure that every customer can receive confectionery delights during National Candy Month’s giveaways. After all, no one should be excluded from these great events.

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