Preparing for the back-to-school season

Fall is just around the corner. Along with the changing leaves, abundance of apple cider and cooler temperatures, consumers are faced with returning to their normal routines frequently upset by the capricious conditions in summer. Around August and September, children will be returning to school while parents and consumers must get back to the grind, planning their daily commutes around school schedules.

Whether your consumers are parents, students or workers, chances are, they will be affected by the back-to-school season one way or another. As your brand begins examining its marketing efforts for the fall, consider the ways that certain promotional products can significantly improve the lives of your target demographics.

Products for students in school
For young learners still in elementary or middle school, teachers frequently present students with a list of materials they will need throughout the duration of the academic year. Although high school and college students may not receive similar manifestos, the required materials rarely shift, as these older academics still require essentials like pens, paper and notebooks. Since these items are widely adopted and used among learners of all ages, companies should look into distributing promotional products that can be used in schools. By giving consumers items that can be employed in the classroom, companies not only ensure that students are equipped with high-quality materials to supplement their learning, but they have also expanded their brand’s reach by introducing both peers and teachers alike to the business’ name and logo.

If your brand is looking to adopt a back-to-school promotion, consider handing out an object that can be used across all ages and disciplines, such as a set of Bic Brite Liner Grip Highlighters. Alternatively, if your business is targeting a specific sector of students, tailor your offerings to a particular age or subject – such as handing out the Numero Custom Calculator for middle school math students.

There are a variety of products that extend beyond traditional office supplies that can be used by learners throughout the school day. For example, students who want to remain hydrated should keep a water bottle, such as the 23 Oz. Ariel Promotional Bottle, on hand. Businesses should also look into the selection of lunch bags available at Myron, as these products can be used by teachers, students and parents alike who wish to pack their lunches in the morning and port them for the afternoon. Consider a small yet stylish bag that can store food and easily transport from one location to another. The Koozie Double Stowage Cooler is an excellent option.

Staying organized for the fall
Those enrolled in academic institutions are not, however, the only ones affected by the back-to-school season. Parents, siblings and childcare workers are equally affected by the changing tides, having to plan their schedules around those set forth by schools. At the beginning of the academic year, students generally arrive back at home with a set of calendars for their parents. These sheets feature holidays, school closings and test dates – all of which should be cataloged and stored by primary caregivers.

To assist parents in collecting all of these important dates in one uniform place, opt for a calendar or planner that has enough room for people to write important information in the blanks. A communal wall calendar would be beneficial for families to leave in an open space, as children and parents can both add important events as they arise. A more personalized desk planner would be better for people who need to keep track of essential information. Parents can use these to mark their children’s days off and appointments, while students can utilize them to keep track of homework or assignments from teachers.

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