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4 creative ways to celebrate Family Fun Month

4 creative ways to celebrate Family Fun Month

Fall can be a busy time for families – not only are students and parents adjusting to their back-to-school schedules, but preparations for the upcoming holiday season may cause family members a great deal of stress regarding both planning and finances.

For these reasons, it’s imperative that families take time for themselves to have a bit of fun every once in a while. This August marks Family Fun Month, or the period during which your consumers should be focusing on quality time with their loved ones. As you begin to plan your fall promotions, consider adopting products and contests that will aid your consumers as they prep their plans for this celebration.

Consider the following four activities families can participate in during Family Fun Month.

1. Family game night
Whether your consumers prefer Pictionary or charades, planning a family game night is a great way to get loved ones to connect over a shared competitive spirit. Convince your consumers to schedule one of these festive activities for their entire family, encouraging people to play as many games as they please. If your consumers prefer playing games with small pieces, consider distributing an item that will help them keep track of individual tokens. For example, the Promotional Neoprene Travel Case would be a perfect option for families who are trying to easily store or transport these games. Alternatively, if your brand wishes to give consumers an item they can use while playing games, look into the Promotional Playing Cards, which allow families to participate in any card game of their choosing.

2. Backyard camping
As the season begins to change, consumers will see a wave of warm colors and cool breezes. Encourage your customers to take advantage of the beautiful weather by camping in their own backyard, appreciating the moon and starlight from the comfort of their homes. Consumers who plan to sleep in the backyard would benefit from products that will keep them warm and comfy in the fall evenings. To promote this kind of family get together, businesses may opt for distributing a backyard basket, complete with blankets, pillows and gear for the outdoors, such as the Sweatshirt Promotional Blanket. Another fun addition to this basket would be the Personalized BBQ 3 Piece Set, which comes with several tools that could help consumers craft their own outdoor dinner at the grill.

3. Get crafty in the kitchen
Encourage families to come together to cook a large family dinner, complete with several courses. If your brand is encouraging consumers to cook together, consider adopting a social media strategy that would provide families with a number of easy-to-prepare meals that could be completed together. For example, your company could link followers to a series of simple recipes, complete with easy instructions that any member could follow. Depending on the recipe at hand, companies should browse through the variety of houseware items available at Myron, discovering which ones are best suited for an individual recipe. If your business is providing consumers with dessert recipes, it may be best to give consumers a Personalized Set Of Four Measuring Spoons.

4. Make it a movie night
One simple solution businesses can recommend to consumers is a family movie night, where members can pick a flick to watch with the loved ones. Recommend that families schedule movie nights on a rotating basis, allowing individual members choose a unique film each time. Similarly to the backyard camping celebration, your brand can distribute baskets to help families hold these nights. Be sure to include comfy blankets, like the Custom Fleece Throw Blanket, and plush drink holders that can keep beverages cool during the film, like the KOOZIE Life’s a Party Cup Cooler.

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