Students trying to ban plastic bottles

Both college and middle school students are doing their part to get plastic water bottles banned. According to the Golden Gate Express, the Green Initiative Fund, a student group at San Francisco State University, wants to prevent the single-use containers from being sold on campus. Cameron Bingley, sustainability manager for the Cesar Chavez Student Center, believes that waste is the main reason why plastic bottles should be banned.

“The bad thing about single use plastic water bottles is that it creates waste, a lot of the time they don’t end up being recycled, and if they do end up being recycled, only a certain amount of material is transferred and remade into a new product,” Bingley said.

Meanwhile, some California sixth graders have also taken up the cause. The Acorn reports that students members of the Medea Creek Water Warriors asked the school board Oak Park Unified School District to ban the bottles, a measure which was implemented in early October 2013.

Small business owners can support this eco-friendly initiative by distributing water bottles as promotional items. The unique promotional products can go a long way toward convincing consumers to embrace sustainable practices.

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