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Top 5 promotional items for November

Top 5 promotional items for November

October has come and gone, and the new month presents small business owners with a fantastic opportunity to make plans for new promotional giveaways. November is perhaps the perfect time for company leaders to hold marketing events as the holidays are creeping closer and closer so consumers are starting to think about buying presents and making all of their celebratory preparations.

Enterprises that distribute promotional items now will lay the groundwork for a successful and multi-tiered ad campaign as the holiday season begins. To that end, the following is a look at the top five promotional marketing products for November.

A Step Ahead Custom Messenger Bag
Many consumers struggle to carry around their daily necessities. People who have to carry around a large bunch of gadgets, tools and similar items might struggle to fit them all in their pockets. Additionally, few people enjoy holding anything in their hands all day.

That’s why the A Step Ahead Custom Messenger Bag is a great gift for customers this November. The bag features ample room for customers to store all of their everyday essentials. The exterior features a large space on which businesses can emblazon their logos.

Glide Touchscreen Stylus
Touchscreen devices are everywhere these days. It seems like it’s almost impossible to find anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone or a tablet on a regular basis. Standard cellphones seemed to have all but disappeared. While the touchscreen models can be great and convenient for many tasks, some consumers struggle because they miss the physical buttons.

Glide Touchscreen Stylus is the ideal tool to combat this problem. The small promotional item is perfect because customers can carry it everywhere so they can easily control their gadgets without having to actually touch the screens. The stylus connects to the headphone jack to ensure that no one will ever lose it.

Fruit Infusion Logo Tumbler
Everyone needs water to get through the day, but some people don’t like it because it lacks any type of flavor. As a result, some consumers would rather drink beverages which could actually dehydrate them and lead to certain health issues.

Small business owners can use the Fruitilicious Infusion Tumbler to help keep their clients healthy. The container can hold up to 21 ounces of water and features an inner basket for fruit. The natural flavors will enhance the water so customers will be in for a tasty, natural drink every time they take a sip.

Color Stripe Logo Tumbler
That’s not to say that the above item is perfect for every customer. After all, those who prefer regular water without fruit flavors probably want a container that holds more liquid and doesn’t have any space for fruit.

The Color Band Promotional Tumbler is a great, straightforward option in this regard. The tumbler is design to retain up to 14 ounces of liquid and helps beverages maintain their current temperatures. The stainless-steel body is perfect for advertising as a company’s logo stands out against the blank field. Business owners can also choose a unique color for the band so their promotional products stand out from others.

Promotional Shoe Wallet
One bad thing about exercising is that athletic clothes aren’t always designed for everyday functionality. While compression shorts might be great for running, some customers might be upset because they don’t have any pockets for their wallets.

The Promotional Shoe Wallet solves this problem rather easily. Customers connect the wallet to their laces so they can easily carry their cash, credit cards and IDs despite not having any pockets. Clients who are trying to lead healthy lifestyles will certainly appreciate this item.

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