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Promotional giveaways help yogurt shop celebrate opening

Promotional giveaways help yogurt shop celebrate opening

A chain restaurant will use promotional giveaways to celebrate the grand opening of its new location. The Tampa Tribune reports that Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt will hold a special event when it opens its first Florida establishment on Nov. 1. The eatery plans to give free cups of yogurt to its inaugural 30 customers, beginning at 11:30 in the morning.

Yumz is also collaborating with a local radio station to add excitement to the proceedings. According to the news source, WILD 94.1 will be on hand in the afternoon to distribute prizes to customers. Among other items, the station plans to distribute tickets to concerts and football games to some lucky contest winners.

This will likely be an amazing grand opening for Yumz, but more importantly serves as a great example for other business owners. The restaurant chain has truly gone above and beyond to announce its presence in Florida and will likely attract a great deal of customers as soon as the doors open.

Giveaways can help build excitement around a new business. Consumers will appreciate promotional items like wall calendars, which will lead to long-term brand recognition for the establishment.

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