5 Reasons Why Personalized Pens Are Still Great for Brand Recognition

So many marketing standards have changed in the digital age and, sometimes, it feels challenging to keep up. Marketing trends like TikTok video content and gamification ushered in new norms, yet one tried-and-true strategy remains as relevant as ever – personalized pens.

Companies in all industries use personalized pens as promotional tactics in different ways, such as:

  • Including custom pens in swag bags and other promotional bundles
  • Handing out pens during an event
  • Donating pens to companies, schools, and other organizations
  • Shipping pens as part of a direct mail marketing strategy
  • Offering pens to fill out surveys or other types of paperwork

Considering a batch of promotional pens for your next marketing strategy? We’ll help you fill in the gaps. Here are 5 reasons why personalized pens are still some of the hardest hitters for brand recognition.

1. Personalized pens offer utility and drive sales

The best-selling promotional items are always those that people will use the most. People widely and regularly use ink pens (even in today’s digital world). 

Writing instruments account for a nearly $14 billion business with pens making up the largest share. 

Pens are used for journaling, jotting notes, filling out documents, and signing forms. Long story short, it’s always convenient to have an ink pen handy. Recipients are likely to keep their new promotional pens rather than toss them in the trash.

The utility of pens works in your favor here. A person is more likely to make a purchase with your business at some point when your branded pens are a constant in their homes and work environments. Incorporating these pens into part of your promotional strategy can generate repeat awareness and, ultimately, future business.

2. They offer a high return on investment

Promotional pens offer tremendous return on investment (ROI) potential. Why? Because they’re inexpensive. Not only are they inexpensive but, as we mentioned, they’re useful and create a high quantity of brand impressions with long-term use. 

The “Rule of 7” in marketing states that people need to see or experience your brand at least seven times before they’re compelled to make a purchase or decision. Customized pens provide one of the fastest paths to garnering those multiple impressions.

Using these pens for promotions requires little risk yet can bring substantial rewards in the form of new sales or client contracts. They’re an easy item to budget for and invest in, and you can keep benefiting from them months or even years after you gifted them to someone.

3. You get free advertising in different environments

Personalized pens provide free advertising in a way that few items can. They’re lightweight, so people can bring them wherever they go. Not only are they easy to transport, but pens are used in a wide variety of business and personal settings, so it makes sense to do so!

When your recipients take your organization’s custom branded pen with them on the go, even customers you didn’t necessarily target may have the opportunity to encounter and interact with your brand. These benefits combine to generate more fresh leads while still leaving an impression on the original recipient of the gift.

Before you hand out pens at an event or gift them, spend some time researching customer personas and strategizing ways for your pens to reach larger groups of new customers. Offering several pen designs, styles, or colors tailored to different target demographics gives you a better chance of grabbing attention. Trust us, it’s all about the details!

4. People reuse high-quality pens often

Ink pens create numerous brand impressions because people use and reuse them so frequently. A customer excited about the look and quality of your pen might quickly implement it as a daily-use item for their morning brainstorming or work activities.

If a customer stops using your pen for weeks, they’re reintroduced to your brand the second that they pick it back up. For corporate gifting, consider custom pen gift boxes and refills to sweeten the deal by adding an element of elegance while ensuring longevity and more use for the pen.

5. Pens provide ample variety

Having your logo, color scheme and contact info on personalized pens makes it easy for people to get in touch if they’d like to do business with you. You can do this and more.

In fact, you have seemingly endless color and style combinations for any personalized pens you create. Be sure to order batches of pens from a company that can also create the design and answer your customization questions. This offers you flexibility and plenty of selections to catch people’s eye and match their inclinations. Follow-up bulk pen orders allow you to switch color schemes for holidays, temporary promotions, or special events that you’re hosting. 

The variety also lets you use color psychology principles to hit your marketing goals. Blue pens might denote feelings of security and trust while colors like orange and yellow denote cheeriness or optimism.

The pen style that you choose also makes a difference. Options like stylus pens and executive pens can attract high-end consumers concerned with business and luxury while light-up pens are fun and creative.

Stuck on which type of pen to choose? Our handy pen buying guide can help you break down your options.

A personalized pen today, brand loyalty tomorrow

Promotional ink pens are widely accepted and enjoyed by those who receive them, as roughly 90% of consumers own a promotional pen or other writing instrument.

As you set business goals to achieve success in 2023, you can achieve greater results when you understand the power of the tools that you’re using. Personalized pens present the opportunity to translate your brand into something tangible that your customers, clients, or prospects can hold onto and become familiar with.

Check out Myron’s wide variety of high-quality, custom promotional pens to give you a head start. 

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