What Is the Importance of a Brand Personality? How to Develop One That Works

Your brand is the essential puzzle piece that makes people recognize, relate to, and want to do business with your company. The characteristics that make up your brand combine to create a brand personality.

Similar to how human characteristics give us all individual personalities, it’s what makes your brand unique. But what’s the real importance of a brand personality? Keep reading to learn how brand personality makes a difference for your company.

Brand Personality Reflects Public Sentiment

Business and commerce are never separate from human emotion and perception. Marketing is built on creating emotional connections and tapping into the consumer’s psyche to communicate effectively. A single news headline can sway the entire stock market in one direction or another.

The same idea applies to your brand. Your brand personality is an extension of the conversation that your company has with the market every single day. If you’re intentional about your brand personality, it efficiently communicates who your company is and what it’s all about.

It Builds Long-Term Brand Equity

Instead of just focusing on the next sale, set your sights on brand equity. This lets you build for the long-term, so that you grow a crop of customers who will support you whenever you release products and services to the public.

Creating equity allows you to sustain long-term growth, making your company more profitable yearly. The longer you can maintain and build brand equity, the more you learn about your customers and why they really resonate with your brand. This knowledge can inform your marketing strategy, making you increasingly relevant as you move forward.

Brand Personality Sets You Apart From Competition

Understanding your company’s brand personality lets you stake out some market share. In a world where consumers have more options than ever, it always pays to get an edge wherever you can.

Having a brand personality that people resonate with gives your customer more reasons to choose your company over another. This is especially important if you provide a service many other companies offer.

For example, plumbing companies have used themes or humorous personas to build their brand personalities that resonate with their desired target audience. Suppose you’ve just seen a personal injury law firm’s creative ad on TV. These commercials are designed to give potential clients a glimpse into their ethos and showcase the brand personality and types of lawyers representing them.

Ask yourself what problem your customers have that only you can solve and why your business is unique from the competition. Figure out what parts of your brand personality customers will appreciate. When customers seek out this solution, do they resonate with humor? Are they looking for friendliness? What about sophistication?

Use these questions and answers as guiding attributes as you formulate your brand personality and supporting tactics.

It Keeps Customers Primed for a Sale

As you develop your brand personality, research other successful brands and how they’ve been able to leverage their brand personality.

Think of your favorite brand. What is it about it that you always remember or relate to? If they offered a new product, service, or hosted an event, chances are that you would be immediately interested in it. Why? Because their brand already resonates with you and you’ve developed loyalty to it.

When a company puts the necessary work into and pulls off an effective, engaging brand personality, customers will always be on the cusp of a sale. This means, over time, you’ll be able to convert with less effort, freeing up time and helping you receive a better long-term marketing return on investment.

Building continuous interest and anticipation are a core part of the sales process so that customers are open to an offer and a call to action. Your brand personality is a constant expression of your company’s values. It’s a subtle, ongoing conversation about who you are and why your customers should continue doing business with you.

Your Personality Is Your Marketing Throughline

Your brand personality sets the tone for every piece of marketing content that you create. It’s the foundation because it establishes who you are, and gives you a north star to revisit with every ad or piece of content.

If you’re publishing a blog, your brand personality will dictate your tone, word choices, topics, and the types of links or keywords that you use. Your brand personality dictates the type of content you create, informs the tone of your ad strategies, and allows your brand to express itself properly on social media and cross-promotional marketing channels.

Setting the tone with your brand personality lets you market precisely so that you cut out the guesswork and hit your most important metrics. When you know your brand personality, you create more accurate customer personas and are more skillful at reaching them.

Transform Your Brand Personality for a Winning Edge

Brand personality is cultivated by first knowing your company inside and out. Once you know what you provide and who you serve, it’s easier to stay focused on how you present your brand. Every one of these attributes adds up to create a collective brand personality.

As you build your brand and establish its personality in the marketplace, always keep opportunities for more brand impressions in mind. Using promotional items that fit your brand’s personality will build brand recognition and customer loyalty over the years. These supporting items may include:

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