The Journey Through America Wall Calendar: The Best Way to Make An Impact All Year

Learn how this custom promotional calendar can work for you.

Looking for a promotional gift that gives you maximum impact at an affordable price point? After another year of uncertainty, that’s exactly what most businesses need. We suggest you consider a custom wall calendar. It’s a classic business giveaway that anyone can use and everyone will appreciate.

The custom wall calendars at Myron come in a variety of designs to help you connect with customers in any niche, but the Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a true crowd pleaser. Here’s what makes it such an effective business item.

It’s practical

Just think: who can’t make use of a wall calendar? Whether it’s your customers and employees, business professionals or students, everyone needs a way to help them stay organized. With its convenient month-at-a-glance view, this wall calendar makes it easy to plan ahead. Users can quickly see important dates and holidays, make note of appointments, and much more.

If the words “wall calendar” feel a bit outdated to you, don’t worry. Even in today’s technology-centered world, this item will still come in handy. Thanks to the size and visibility of this wall calendar, dates and days can quickly be distinguished. It makes busy schedules seem a bit less congested and, consequently, less overwhelming. When used in a home, your wall calendar will even make it easier to juggle multiple schedules at once. It’s ideal for families who may be managing anything from work schedules and doctor’s appointments to vet visits, play dates and after school sports or activities.

It’s designed to get attention

The Journey Through America wall calendar features breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of America. Take customers on a visual journey through trees in the everglades and stunning canyon rivers, over snow topped mountains and passed colorful waterside towns. There’s a picturesque location with each month to capture anyone’s attention.

It gets your business daily exposure

Whenever and wherever this calendar is hung on a wall, it is sure to get noticed every day. People don’t hang wall calendars in dark corners or in rooms they rarely enter. Prominence is the only way to make use of a gift like this. Your calendar will be hung in employee offices and cubicles in plain view, at front reception desks where both staff and visitors can see it, or in the employee break room. It may be hung in a classroom where it can be spotted by students and parents. It may even be hung in the kitchen of a customer’s home where it’s easily visible to everyone in the family, along with anyone who stops by. Whether they’re checking a date or simply admiring the photography, they’re sure to notice your business imprint as well.

The imprint area on this calendar is large enough to fit your business name, address, contact information or even a tagline if you want. Add all the details you want customers and clients to remember and you can rest assured that they’ll be seen day in and day out. This is the type of gift that goes far beyond the original recipient to make more people aware of your company.

It’s easy to distribute

The Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a lightweight gift that doesn’t take up much space. It’s flat enough to fit inside a shipping box or envelope, and easy enough to carry that it can always be passed out in person. For instance, you can give away your calendars at an event like a trade show or conference to keep your business on people’s minds all year. Or, you can mail them out to loyal customers and clients as an end-of-year promotion to thank them for their continued support. You might give this calendar to patrons who make an appointment at your business. You can even mail your calendars out with orders to thank customers for their purchases; this will work especially well with any holiday or New Year’s sale.

No matter what you choose, you’ll find that getting this item into customer or employee hands is no problem at all.

It’s affordable

This quality calendar comes at a low price point with great quantity breaks; but that’s not the only reason it’s an excellent promotional gift. When you consider that your calendar will be in front of customers all year long, getting your imprint seen daily, it’s easy to understand how you’ll get a maximum return on your investment. This low-cost, high-impact gift is a smart way to spend your advertising dollars, no matter your business type or size.

You can rely on the Journey Through America Wall Calendar to increase awareness of your company and grow your customer base with ease. Order yours today, with Myron your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  

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