Custom Gifts For The Holidays

Gift-giving during the holiday season is a valued tradition. As the year draws to an end and everyone busies themselves in completing unresolved tasks, promotional products are great ways to take a step back and celebrate customers and employees.

Promotional Products Make Great Holiday Gifts

There are various ideas you could adopt in this season. You could embrace the spirit of the holidays and give out ornaments. Holiday-themed items like pens or mugs are fun and festive ways to set the tone and liven up the mood. You could give one expensive gift or make a Swag Bag with smaller items. Whilst most promotional products can be used in the holiday season, some lend themselves especially well to this time of the year. For instance, dated items such as calendars and pocket notepads ensure that your customers start with your brand in the beginning of the year and carry your message with them all the way to the end. They work to get your logo lasting exposure that is constant. Food gift-baskets are wonderful mementos especially since this season is full of gatherings. Recipients will share their baskets with family and friends, helping to raise your brand awareness when they do.

It’s All About Giving Thanks to Customers

As you rush to fulfill holiday sale orders and try to accomplish year end targets, you might miss an important marketing opportunity. Handing out promotional products as holiday gifts to customers is an effective way to show appreciation to them. Receiving a holiday gift tells your customer that they are important to your company. It also fosters a sense of goodwill and warmth and cements their relationship with your company. You could give away promotional products at your store or office to loyal patrons. If you have smaller items, you could also mail them out so your customers get a nice surprise at home. Products like USB drives, small notepads, pens and key rings are compact enough to be delivered to your customers but have a large impact on them.

Acknowledging Hard-Work And Appreciating Your Employees

The holiday season is also a time of contemplation and evaluating how the year went by. Promotional products are a great way to reassure employees of their continued value in the company.  Merchandise with the company logo can increase employee happiness and loyalty to the business. Different teams can have different gifts, depending on your budget and your employees’ needs.  You could give employees who work outdoors, imprinted warm apparel such as jackets, blankets and beanies. Tech gifts are always popular and sought after at work. The promo products can be kept in their offices or cubicles or even distributed at a company holiday party.

In the end, nothing says thank-you like a thoughtful and novel present. Whether you are looking to show your appreciation to customers who have stood by you through a tumultuous year, or reward your employees for a job well done, custom gifts are the way to go.

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