Reward employees on Work Like a Dog Day

While many holidays are meant to give employees time off from work, others serve for recognizing the efforts of truly dedicated contributors. One such day arrives on August 5, as Holiday Insights explains that date isĀ Work Like a Dog Day.

On this holiday, employers are supposed to reward their staff members for their dogged determination and commitment to doing excellent work every single day. Small business owners should watch their teams carefully over the next few weeks to determine who is putting forth the best effort leading up to Work Like a Dog Day.

The ideal way to celebrate this holiday is to distribute personalized business gifts to dedicated staff members. Custom presents like pens, tote bags and calendars show employees that their bosses are paying attention and appreciate such hard work.

Giving away small tokens might not seem like a grand gesture, but it can go a long way toward retaining top talent. By handing out gifts, small business owners are demonstrating that they care about their contributors, which will lead to strengthened relationships. Ultimately, celebrating Work Like a Dog Day is a great strategy for thanking employees for all the hard work they do.

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