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Dealing with cooler temperatures

Dealing with cooler temperatures

Every year it seems like summer arrives later only to leave earlier. Autumn brings multi-colored leaves, apple picking and rapidly cooling temperatures. Everyone will be bundling up and trying to stay warm as the short march to winter begins in fall.

Accuweather’s seasonal forecast doesn’t show much snow arriving in the United States until later this autumn, but the summer’s mild temperatures aren’t expected to last much longer, either. Small business owners and managers can capitalize on the change in weather by handing out scarves and gloves from the Adler Collection as personalized business gifts.

Employee recognition
A business is only as strong as its employees and recognizing the efforts of the best staff members could keep them on board. According to the Spring 2012 Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker, 81 percent of respondents said receiving recognition for good work improves overall job satisfaction. It isn’t necessary for management to buy lavish gifts for workers, but a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

Some associates have long commutes through the cold weather every morning. A company could give its best employees gloves so they don’t have to jam their hands in their pockets to avoid the crisp autumn air. Managers could show they are paying attention to their staff by picking out the perfect pair for each worker. For example, the salesman who drives in to work each day might appreciate driving gloves more than the accountant who uses public transportation.

Customer rewards
Regular customers want to feel appreciated by companies. Part of a business relationship is returning the loyalty that clients show toward an establishment. Gifts from Adler’s fall collection of scarves and gloves could help owners demonstrate how appreciative they are of their consumers.

The cold weather affects customers as well as employees. Giving a new scarf as a token of appreciation for months of regular patronage might endear a client to an establishment. The item reinforces the business affiliation by showing the consumer that the company is paying attention to more than the bottom line.

Business gifts can help a company maintain relationships with employees and clients as functional and fashionable presents from the Adler collection keep them warm through a chilly autumn. Staff members and customers will appreciate an establishment that gives these items away.

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