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Getting a jump on next year's marketing

Getting a jump on next year’s marketing

While a new school year is just beginning, the actual year is coming to a close. Consumers are going to start purchasing calendars to keep themselves on schedule. A business that meets this demand early with promotional calendars can create a yearlong marketing campaign.

For small business-to-business companies, giving away functional office gifts could be the key to raising visibility among potential clients. Associates are busy and may have a difficult time staying on schedule. Instead of scrambling to find one on sale in January, employees typically appreciate having a desk planner well before a new year begins.

For consumers who are constantly on the go, a pocket calendar may be more useful. A business owner could emblazon an establishment’s logo on every page to create brand constant exposure.

Calendars are an inexpensive marketing tool compared to other platforms such as commercials or print advertisements. These functional giveaways serve as a long-lasting campaign, so business owners will likely see a higher return on their marketing dollar. Potential clients will not only be exposed regularly to the company’s brand image, but may even be grateful to receive such a useful gift.

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