Rewarding a customer’s loyalty

Recognizing a customer’s loyalty to a company is an important part of acknowledging the relationship that has been built over the course of continued business. The Houston Chronicle notes that compensatory rewards won’t hurt a business’s bottom-line, and will still show a high level of appreciation.

Giving gifts that are a little more significant than the standard promotional item could show that a company cares and is doing much more than the bare-minimum to feign appreciation for its clients. Promotional giveaways could prevent regular customers from ever considering a different business’ services.

A promotional mug is not something that is usually given out when trying to attract new clients, but a consistent client would enjoy it as a gift. Consumers may love receiving a functional gift to use around the office or home. By placing a logo in a customer’s hand every morning, brand awareness can be increased exponentially.

As a business gift, a coffee cup is great because it is not strictly for work and can be regularly used by anybody. Giving out rewards for loyalty can show that a real relationship has been built with the client.

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