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Franchises can benefit from promotional products

Franchises can benefit from promotional products

It is no secret that the United States economy has been suffering over the past few years, and recently, it has become harder and harder to for start-up entrepreneurs to keep their businesses afloat. This is especially true in the franchise industry.

The Washington Post reported that many unemployed workers consider opening a franchise to avoid the corporate bureaucracy of former jobs. However, these people often cannot secure the necessary capital to fund a new expenditure.

The problem is finding investors – how can you reach out to a large potential client base without spending a lot of money?

The answer is simple and cost effective – promotional products. A promotional marketing strategy can reach out to hundreds or even thousands of people through something like a direct mailing campaign, and the odds are that at least a few will be impressed enough to donate some cash.

Plus, items like promotional pens will be in a potential customer’s hand every time they write, displaying a brand logo constantly. Think of it this way – a 30-second television advertisement costs exponentially more than a simple business gift, yet only lasts for half a minute. Promotional items, however, last forever.

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