3 ways to market your construction company

If you’ve started a new construction company or are looking to attract new customers to your existing business, you’re probably thinking about ramping up your marketing efforts. However, advertising for a service-based industry¬†like construction is different than marketing a physical product. To make the most of your budget, consider using these strategies to spread the word about your company.

1. Promotional products
A great promotional product can help¬†build brand awareness and gain an advantage over competitors. Choose an object that’s related to your services and people could use regularly. Some good examples are a Color Connect Custom Tape Measure with your name and logo on it or a Seven Function Sure Grip Pocket Knife. Potential customers will use these objects when they’re doing work around the house, and when they decide to redo their kitchen or build a new porch, your company will be the first one that comes to mind.

ForContructionPros.com recommended buying promotional magnets, like the Tools of the Trade Promo Magnet, and sticking them on the back of your truck. This way people will see them when you’re driving around town, and you’ll always have them with you to give to potential clients.

2. Referral rewards
Another effective marketing strategy is to implement a reward system for customer referrals. A lot of your business will come from word of mouth, so it’s a good idea to encourage happy clients to tell their friends about your business. The standard practice is to offer a small discount when they give you a referral, as the cost will be offset by the new business. However, you can get creative with your reward system and offer add-on services, gift certificates to local businesses or anything else you can think of.

3. Chamber of Commerce
Finally, don’t forget to register your company with the local chamber of commerce. It’s usually free or inexpensive to join, and Small Town Marketing explained that it’s a common resource for residents looking for services. If you work in a number of different towns, list your name in their different chambers. It’s less expensive than a traditional advertisement and will help build brand awareness with your potential clients. Many organizations will feature a “company of the month,” so find out what you can do to earn the title.

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