Promotional product ideas for the outdoorsy craftsman

Now that summer has officially arrived, many men and women will be spending quite a bit of time indulging in their favorite outdoor activities. With those activities comes a host of potential problems that can easily be addressed using the right tools, whether a tire loses pressure during a long country drive or simple repairs are required while bike riding. Here are some of the best promotional products that function as useful tools for those customers who love the rugged outdoors.

Pocket knives
No outdoor enthusiast should leave the house without this trusty multi-tool. Promotional pocket knives are valuable treasures for many who enjoy a vigorous lifestyle and will consequently be kept for a long time, just in case they’re ever needed.

Tire gauges
The most conscientious bike riders and long-distance drivers always want to know that their tires are fully pressurized. A promotional tire gauge is always useful and can be kept in a glove box or backpack for whenever trouble arrives.

LED flashlights
One of the worst-case scenarios for summer travel in the great outdoors is car trouble at night. This is an unpleasant and dangerous situation to be in, whether one can fix minor engine glitches or not. With a promotional LED flashlight, some work can still be done and a trip may ultimately be salvaged.

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