5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Clients: Branded Water Bottles, Notebooks, and More

The world we live in is becoming greener by the second. Companies today are trying their best to lower their carbon footprint. Governments are offering incentives and tax breaks for using sustainable energy sources. 

Making eco-friendly decisions in your company not only protects the environment but also demonstrates good business sense. When you’re trying to build a rapport with your clients, a well-timed gift that shows consideration for the environment can make more of an impact than you probably realize. 

Here are 5 eco-friendly gift ideas to explore for your clients.

1. Branded water bottles

Hydration stimulates brain activity, gives people energy, and can help an entire workplace stay productive for much longer. Many companies encourage hydration in their workplaces for these reasons. 

Unfortunately, if all hydration comes from plastic bottles, the waste burdens the environment since the vast majority of these bottles end up in landfills or become litter. 

Opt for branded water bottles to help your gift recipient get their total servings of water daily with less of a negative impact on the environment. They can use your bottle to their heart’s content and wash it between uses with each drink serving as a reminder of your brand. 

Consider reusable drinkware made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) with a bamboo lid. Not only are these bottles modern but they are made from 100% recycled plastic. Talk about making green-friendly decisions. 

2. Notebooks and notepads

In business, you’re always a good idea away from enacting change and earning profits. Eco-friendly notebooks and notepads make superb gifts for clients who like to brainstorm their next big ideas. 

Though the world is relying heavily on digital avenues, writing by hand stimulates more brain activity, improves memory, and can even lower stress levels. The only downside is that paper waste makes up clutter that packs landfills. 

Thankfully, journals made from recycled fabrics can allow your clients to get the best of both worlds. 

Eco-friendly journals like this one consist of 85% recycled material. They include a front pocket made with recycled leather and RPET binding. Your branding goes right on the cover with digital print personalization. 

As a bonus, it even keeps up with the digital world – the front pocket is perfect for holding a smartphone. 

For your clients who often take quick notes, consider gifting them a mini sticky notes book, made from sturdy cardstock and recycled paper. These nifty little notebooks are compact and convenient, making ideal gifts for people on the go.

3. LED lights and tech gear

The gift of illumination doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology marks a significant improvement over incandescent lights, both in environmental impact and performance. 

With promotional LED lights, you get the benefit of:

  • Long-lasting lights that don’t need replacing nearly as often
  • An energy-efficient option emits less heat or ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Far better performance and brightness
  • Color and dimming options
  • Durable devices with more creative design options

Your clients will appreciate the usefulness of pocket and full-sized LED flashlights, as these are items that your gift recipients can use in a variety of life situations. An LED flashlight can help when doing home and auto repairs or finding the circuit breaker and important items during a power outage. 

Since LED lights last longer, they create more opportunities for brand impressions when you include your logo, colors, or company name. The majority of these flashlights have the ability to be engraved, meaning your branding can’t rub off easily! These pocket flashlights double as keychains, so your gift recipients will always have them at the ready, and you will obtain regular brand impressions.

4. Reusable shopping bags and totes

Stopping by the grocery store is a recurring item on all of our to-do lists. Shopping trips become wasteful when you’re buying new bags each time. Paper shopping bags don’t always end up in recycling bins, and plastic bags aren’t always recyclable. 

Reusable shopping bags provide a more eco-friendly way to knock out your groceries each week. These lightweight totes are made with 100% recyclable RPET material. They’re foldable and made with large handles that can hold plenty of weight. 

Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to reduce the landfill waste they create while still having bags that are convenient for any shopping trip. You also benefit from the flexibility in design options, as bags can be customized with any color scheme that fits your brand and goals. 

Whichever color or style you decide on to suit your client best, they’re sure to love the convenience, uniformity, and practicality of this environmentally conscious gift.

5. Reusable branded straws

Have you ever needed a straw and been unable to find one? If so, you know how frustrating it can be!

Not only do disposable straws run out quickly, but they contribute to environmental waste. Various large companies have recently made pushes to switch to paper straws because of the potential damage caused when plastic straws clutter landfills or litter waterways.

Consider gifting your clients reusable straws so that they know they’re reducing waste and making efforts to protect the planet while enjoying their favorite beverage. These straws are made from durable stainless steel material that works for beverages of any temperature. They also come with a silicone tip for sipping comfort.

Take it a step further with straw kits, an all-encompassing gift option that come with bottle openers so clients have everything they need in one place. Gift recipients can clean and store these straws between uses because the kits come with a wire cleaning brush and travel kit. 

You can also buy eco-friendly straws for travel, made from a plastic and harvested wheat blend for added sustainability. They’re completely reusable and reduce the harm caused by single-use plastic straws.

Give eco-friendly gifts that get results

Creating environmentally responsible requires all hands on deck. You can do your part and pass it on with these eco-friendly gift ideas for clients. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, milestone, or looking ahead for Earth Day gift ideas, implement sustainability into your strategy.

Many of your clients today are looking for these little fixes and swaps that make their work and personal lives more sustainable without sacrificing convenience. Using branded eco-friendly products can help provide them with solutions while also building your brand awareness and ultimately, generating new leads.

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