5 Promotional Products for Workplace Wellness

As summer winds to an end and the days start getting shorter, are you looking out for the wellbeing of your business’s employees? You can help lessen work-related stress, improve productivity, and show appreciation for all that your employees do with a simple gift! Consider promoting workplace wellness with these five customizable promotional products:

1. 25 Oz. Tritan Super Grip Bottle

Remind your employees of the value of staying hydrated every day with this convenient, custom-imprint water bottle in four colors. Drinking enough water throughout the day can energize you, improve your mood, and prevent headaches!

2. Halcyon Spinner Pen

Research shows that fidgeting can actually improve focus by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. Offer your employees a pen that does twice the work keeping them focused: use it for taking notes or fidgeting as needed! Additionally, you can add a custom imprint in full color to perfectly capture your logo.

3. Folding Headphones

Just like fidgeting, in certain circumstances listening to music can improve productivity and focus. When doing repetitive work, listening to music tends to help people perform faster and with fewer errors. It also has the benefit of blocking out noisy environments and boosting your mood during a stressful day. A pair of comfortable headphones are the perfect gift for busy employees!

4. Round Massage Ball

Fight off back pain and tension headaches with the use of a massage ball! Especially when working in an office, this is a great way to keep aches and pains from impacting your day. Either keep it on hand in the office or keep it at home so you can unwind after a long day.

5. Activity Tracker Wristband

Encourage your team to stay active all the time with this stylish activity tracker wristband! Nothing is better for productivity than a walk or jog on your lunch break and aiming to stay healthy during and outside of work!

For more ideas on how to appreciate your employees and promote workplace wellness, explore Myron’s expansive catalog of quality, personalized products!

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