Developing a Promotional Product Strategy

In the age of digital marketing, there’s a reason why promotional products are still used. They are effective and affordable means of getting exposure.

But you cannot just buy all kinds of products and have your logo printed on them and expect the right effect. You need to pick the right products which will be right for your brand. For you to do that, you need a promotional product strategy.

Questions to Ask When Picking a Promotional Product

When you are shopping for promotional products, you need to ask these simple questions:

  1. Will they use it? You need to find out if your customers will end up using the promotional products that you will be giving away. If you are giving away umbrellas for example, do you think your clients will end up using those?
  2. Do your customers want to be rewarded with that product? If your customers are mostly tech savvy people, do you think they will appreciate being rewarded by giveaway like a pen?
  3. Can you afford an item with the right quality? There are all kinds of products that you can buy, but can you afford the ones with the right quality? Giving out low quality items is worse than not giving away anything at all.
  4. Can the item be used multiple times? Products which can be used multiple times are better than the ones which can be discarded after one use.
  5. Is the product in line with your other marketing and branding efforts? If a product is completely out of sync with your marketing efforts, better not to use it.

By asking these questions, you can pick the right promotional products for your business.

What ROI to Expect

Unlike other forms of marketing, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of using promotional items in terms of ROI. You cannot really measure the actual money that it can bring in.

The main thing to remember is that people love receiving promotional products and they do remember the brands associated with them, making the biggest ROI Brand Awareness.

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Spin Your Brand Name to the Top

If your brand isn’t using fidget spinners as promotional items yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get your company name in front of prospective customers. Fidget spinners have become a staple for students and employees alike, helping to relieve stress and keep you focused. Here at Myron, we offer a wide range of promotional products, including fidget spinners, that we can customize to suit your organization’s color scheme and branding.

Classic Fidget Spinner

This classic fidget spinner is the variation that started it all. Users simply hold onto the disc in the center so that they can spin the rest of the device around it. With your brand name right in the middle, this giveaway item will remind customers of your company every time they use the spinner.

Carabiner Fidget Spinner

This multifunction fidget spinner provides even more functionality for the user. Each end is equipped with a carabiner clip to attach to a backpack, purse or key ring for easy storage when not in use, plus it has a bottle opener, perfect for cracking open a cold one at the end of a long day.

Fidget Spinner Pen

Pens have long been a staple of promotional giveaways, and this fidget spinner pen takes spinning and relieving stress to a whole new level. The spinner is attached to the end of the pen for easy fidgeting while working.

Visit today and start creating your custom promotional fidget spinners to keep your brand name in the hands of customers and prospects.

Customer feedback and reviews can enhance a service and improve a brand

A survey by found that 70 percent of consumers trust reviews by other consumers more than descriptions of products or services generated by companies themselves. To make sure that customers are satisfied and writing positive reviews, companies can aim to gauge their customers’ satisfaction through surveys and other means of communication.

Branding campaigns that advertise these customer feedback options will also serve to increase brand awareness while educating consumers as to their options for filing a complaint or complimenting a service. Customers can be enticed to write a review of a product or service by offering a gift card or promotional product giveaway for providing their feedback.

Creating a website or email account specifically for the purpose of customer feedback is one simple and effective solution for small businesses that don’t have a big budget for surveys or big online review initiatives. Businesses that choose to reserve a special spot on their websites for customer feedback should ensure that they have a final check on all reviews before the comments are posted.

Companies must next decide how they will use the information they receive. If customer feedback is overwhelmingly in favor of a certain promotion, companies will know to maintain or expand the initiative. Negative feedback can be used constructively to determine which elements of a service are not being well-received.

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